CGDC: Virtual 2022

Our second virtual Christian Games Developers Conference, where we see what God is doing when games, community, and Christ come together.

Join us on February 5th and 6th for our second CGDC: Virtual event!

The Christian Game Developers Conference is a unique event, focused around encouraging and edifying those who are interested in both making games and glorifying God. This year, the conference is going digital for the second time with two days of talks, workshops, and fellowship.

We believe that games can do more than just provide fun entertainment, that they have the ability to impact one’s soul. You don’t have to be a Christian to attend this wonderful conference — everyone is welcome! Christianity is just the very foundation this awesome conference is built on.

Registration is free with an option to donate if you feel led to help with the conference costs and future events.

Talks and workshops given by the CGDC community include:

There will also be a virtual lounge where you can optionally sit in small groups with other attendees and talk together using your web cam and microphone. Catch up with those you know and meet someone new from the CGDC community

Paul Bury

Press Releases Help with Exposure

Jack Dunbar

Brain to Table: How to Make Ideas into Games

Nathan Ediger

How to Create Your Own Cheat Codes

Andy Geers

The Medium is the Message: Avoiding the Perils of Adapting the Bible into a Game

George Herrera

Video Games as Places of Faith

Jason Leadingham

Voice Acting with Christian Integrity

Chera Meredith

 I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, But I’m Doing It Anyway

Vincent Michah'El Donatelli

The Videogame Production Pipeline

Kris Murray

Community Game Lessons

Alex Peterson

Making Games with the Open 3D Game Engine

Chris Skaggs

What If I Were King?

Jeff Warrender

You Said This Would Be Fun

Amin Joshua

Recreating the Historically Authentic World of Jesus

Andrew Lowen

How I Made $400,000 Crowdfunding a Christian Game