CGDC Roadmap

Speedgame: Classic

Speedgame: Classic is the format you all know and love. From a pool of three different scriptural verses, your goal is to create a game that synthesizes the essence, teaching or story of that verse in a way that can be experienced in your game. Whether you focus that synthesis in your narrative, story, mechanics, art, or some other component is up to you. Be creative!

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Speedgame Hardmode

Speedgame: Hardmode is the Christian Game Developers Conference's game jam that adopts the Ludum Dare format and focuses on pushing your game development and organizational skills. You have 72 hours to create a game based off of a community voted theme. Whether it has a spiritual teaching or not is totally up to you. One thing is for sure, this format is going to help level you up!

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CGDC: Virtual

Join us on February 5th and 6th for our second virtual conference, connect with Christian game developers around the world, and be equipped by speakers from the CGDC community!

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SAGE Group Kickoff

SAGE groups are tailored towards helping you build meaningful relationships with other Christians who develop games and sustainably make progress and grow in your game development journey!

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CGDC 2022

Connect with other Christian game developers in person this summer!

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