Why should I join a SAGE group?

The Christian Game Developers Conference is an amazing experience, enabling you to meet an fellowship with other Christians in the game industry and be equipped and gain new perspectives from a variety of talks and workshops. However, being three days once a year, it is a mountain top experience; when you go back home, you will more than likely need something more to maintain your excitement and motivation as life will make sure you get as little done as possible. There are also CGDC Facebook groups and Discord server, which are great places to be a part of a community throughout the year with other Christians who develop games, though it can be hard to create deeper connections with others from those sources alone.

Enter SAGE groups, which are tailored towards helping you build meaningful relationships with other Christians in the game industry and sustainably make progress and grow in your game development journey. These groups bring around five people together through a video conference to encourage, support, and hold each other accountable to their game development goals, while growing together as game developers through reading or watching a curriculum throughout the season related to game development.  They are open to all game-related disciplines, such as developers, artists, musicians, and writers, as well as circumstances, whether you’re just getting started, actively working on your own indie project, freelancing, or employed at a game development company.

Some reasons you may want to join a SAGE group are:

  • You have difficulty getting started and/or keeping committed to working on a game-related project and need the accountability of others to keep you moving forward
  • You feel lonely working on your own without other game developers who are Christian to share the experience with, even if they are not working directly on the same project
  • You want that little bit of encouragement regularly to help you get through the difficult and frustrating parts of game development
  • You want to grow as a game developer by learning disciplines and gaining wisdom that will help you be even better at your craft

If any of these sound like something you’ve experienced in the past, a SAGE group may be a great way to help you get to the next level of your game development journey!

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