Who organizes it?

The CGDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity (donations are tax-deductible but not registration or conference costs) that consists of a Board of Directors. The conference is the main event hosted by the organization and has occurred annually thanks to the Holy Spirit starting in 2002. Unfortunately, the conference was not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the venue shutting down because of Covid-19.

It was founded with God’s direction at the beginning of this century in 2002 by Tim Emmerich, who works as an electrical/computer engineer and runs his own company (Graceworks Interactive) in his spare time.  Tim puts everyone at ease (be forewarned, he likes to give hugs) and ensures that the organization stays true to its core values and mission.  In addition to Tim, the current Board includes Amy Green (Numinous Games), Brock Henderson (PXLPUG), Michael Perrigo (FaithDrawn), Chris Skaggs (Soma Games), Kris Murray (Creative Director – CGDC Community Game), Jack Dunbar (New Kingdom Gaming) and Nathan Blair (Games for Love).

The Board, in coordination with the annual Conference Planning Team (CPT) along with an army of volunteers (more on that later), organizes the conference and makes things happen. We are all grateful for their dedicated efforts throughout many years. Most questions while at the conference can be answered by any one of them. All of them are very approachable, open to your feedback, and willing to make your conference experience as comfortable and constructive as possible. 

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