What should I expect from this experience?

The goal of CGDC: Virtual is to find ways to “equip the saints” and enable community while we are apart.

There will be several talks given and workshops led by members of the CGDC communities, with the goals of inspiring you and giving you the tools for the next step on your game development journey.

Additionally, we will have many ways you can engage virtually with others during the conference:

  • Chat with other attendees while watching the talks and workshops!
  • Meet up in the virtual 3D common room and talk around a table with others using your microphone!
  • Receive one-on-one prayer from our prayer team!
  • Play a video or tabletop game with others during the after party hosted by Love Thy Nerd (or host a play session to share the game you’re working on)!
  • Participate in a one-off small group experience the Friday or Monday before the conference!

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