Supporting the movement outside of the conference

Consider doing any or all of the following:

CREATE: We encourage all developers to practice their craft throughout the year; creating and releasing games (even secular ones), developing game artwork, and writing code modules / snippets as a means of improving skills.

COLLABORATE: Utilize each other’s strengths and specialties to create something greater than what you could do by yourself. Share techniques, lessons learned, and best practices so that we build each other up.  Join a small group, speed game, community game or a team!

COMMERCE: Buying and promoting each other’s games is a great way to reinforce not only each other, but also the Christian game space at large. Additionally, many in our group do not have business experience, so sharing that piece with others is a big help for all.

COMMENT: The organization has a number of social media options available to help facilitate interaction (Facebook groups, Twitter, YouTube, forums, Steam Community Group, Discord); add your opinions to help shape the products we create.

CONSECRATE: We asked for continued prayers for the conference, for all Christian developers, for the projects they work on, and for all those that support them.

CORROBORATE: There are many ways to help. Involve yourself through conference planning, volunteering to speak, becoming or finding a sponsor, and sharing with others about what we are doing.

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