What are my options for lodging? (Staying and sleeping overnight)

At the In-Person Annual Conference, many conference attendees take advantage of the available University dorm rooms. Rooms are assigned and keys are distributed during registration. Rooms are normally segregated by gender (except for married couples/families) and most attendees share a room with another attendee. Dorm rooms will first be available on the evening of Wednesday, July 13th, and checkout (keys returned and room cleaned) will be Sunday, July 17th, before 11 am.  Make sure not to lose your keys as you will be charged to replace them.

These are empty dorm rooms so plan on bringing bedding/pillow (plus your toiletries, towels, and medicine). For those flying, contact us in advance if this is an issue.  See more details in the “What should I bring with me to the CGDC?” section.

At APU, we’ll be in Engstrom Hall. Their dorms are arranged suite-style. Each suite has two rooms that share a bathroom. Each room has two twin beds. Each twin mattress is a twin XL, 36″ x 80″.

For those that decide not to utilize the dorms, there are a number of nearby hotel options. But bear in mind that you will be missing out on more fellowship opportunities.

A reminder that anyone under 18 years of age needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. APU does not charge a housing fee for children under 12 years old (11 and younger).

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