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At 3:13pm on June 2, 2014, Lastonestanding said…

No I have not, but I could try to ask my church maybe, but I know we are having some financial issues at the moment. Not sure what I can do to start one.

At 6:32pm on June 8, 2014, Rayvn Manuel said…

Praise His Name! Indeed Tim - I was able to log in. I was using the incorrect user name (I deleted the one I was attempting to use).

And the prayer is appreciated. God is awesome and so now its just a matter of waiting for Him to deliver the resources we need to 'git 'er done'.

Wish I could make it to the conference this year :0(  I was laid off in February so the finances are not there... am VERY Hope-filled - that I'll be able to make it in 2015. I should have a story to share.

Have a wonderfully awesome rest of your week :0)


At 8:03am on June 28, 2014, Dan Lewis said…

See ya later, my son's coming over, Pizza Party! :)

At 6:59am on July 13, 2014, John Michael Nicholson said…

Hey Tim,

I do have a published book that I'm sitting on before I release. I don't know if you've taken a look at my website, but the fine art there will be incorporated into the novel, so I'm waiting until I procure enough images before I release the book.

At 12:28am on December 15, 2014, Amanda Sanchez said…

Thanks for the welcome, Tim! That's an important question about integrating more Bible-based games with an educational bent. I think it makes a lot of sense to develop new games around existing online Bible curricula. That way you're not necessarily creating all new teaching content, but you're able to leverage existing content in a way that brings more engagement and immersion in the topic. I would love to see what resources become available in this area! 

At 6:45am on January 23, 2015, Sam Clifford said…

Thank you Tim!  Great to be here.  


At 2:09pm on March 10, 2015, pastor kim johnson said…

Dear friend and game enthusiasts, I am prayfully requesting your help recruiting programmers. I'm searching to form a team that will be diverse in all aspects of videogame programming for an up-and-coming videogame. Today I have a completed script, strategy concept layout, instruction manual, original artwork and 865 photographs collected from the Internet over a two-year period depicting game ones progression from start to finish. Thy Kingdom Come will be designed as a trilogy. The first game is called Thy Kingdom Come and The Quest For The Golden Scrolls, the second Thy Kingdom Come- The Unveiling, the third Thy Kingdom Come- Thy Will Be Done. At present I am working on the script and layout for game 2 dividing that with spending every moment I can on the Internet writing letters such as this and searching for people to send them to hoping and believing God will provide the people necessary to bring this great vision I have been blessed with to fruition. Not on my behalf for that's not my goal here but on behalf of the many lives these games can touch both mentally and spiritually around the world. Thy Kingdom Come trilogy will not be designed to be critiqued as your average Christian games but is intended to cross platforms and reach those who play secular games as a matter of lifestyle. Game one is action-packed with lifelike Bible characters and thought-provoking strategies while nudging players gently throughout the game to experience a spiritual awakening leading to Jesus and a better gaming experience. Playing Time with a Purpose I like to Call It. Currently I'm trying to secure funding from a private investor but profit-sharing is open to all who joined our team have faith and are in a position to wait for the long haul(aftermarket profits) which once successful will be much more lucrative in the years to come. I Am Seeking I Am Knocking and I Am Asking for Your Help you who are blessed by God with all that talent and skill or maybe you know somebody that knows somebody that can help to make this dream a reality, with its destination to be placed on the shelves in every store willing to give it a chance. If you can help in any way please contact us at daydreamergamesllc@yahoo.com or foward to a friend

                                     Thank You Sincerely Yours In Christ

                                      Team Member Rodger Williamson

At 6:42am on March 11, 2015, pastor kim johnson said…

    Hi Tim,I was wondering do you have an e-mail address where I can send you a file to look at?         I would like to get your opinion. My e-mail address is daydreamergamesllc@yahoo.com

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