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                     is currently looking to recruit

                  an experienced programmer ideally from a gaming background for the development

                  Of a high level Bible-based action  and adventure game.   You will be asked to work

                 Closely with the designer , artist  and pastoral team focusing on server-side  development 



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            is currently looking to recruit

                    An experienced programmer from the gaming background  for the development

                    of a high level bible based action and adventure game.…


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My first 3D model/animation :D

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Psalm 33:4 (KJV) For the word of the Lord is right, and all his works are done in truth.

: the strategic Pattern making game of Divine proportions!

Campaign Link:…


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Looking for Team

Hey was just putting this up, I'm was trying to look for a team for a company I seek to start, I was wondering where do I begin? For I'm looking for a team, that is close to the city I live in (You can look at my page for that.) But I'm willing to work with people that are long distance but it would be hard for me to do meetings  (Most likely would have to do it through Skype.) So I was wanting to ask where do I begin looking, For I understand I need, a coders team, 2d Artist team, 3d…


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Hi there...


Just a little introduction. My name is Stephanie. I'm going to start my third year of teaching English in China. I have a lot of ideas for games but little funding and zero know how. I'd love to find someone to work with.

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ESRB Introduces No-Cost Rating Service for All Digitally Delivered Games and Apps

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the non-profit self-regulatory body for the video game industry, has introduced a streamlined, no-cost service for assigning ratings to all digitally delivered games and apps. ESRB also recently released a video announcement to digital-only game and app…


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NINJAbread Men!


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Husbandry and a Plea for Change Part 2

   In my last blog post I left off with the subject "Do Ethics Have a Connection to Media, or are They Disconnected?" I said that my ideas were unrefined in that post. Well now I've done some research, so I'm going to talk about that topic again with scripture to back me.

Do Ethics Have a Connection to Media, or are They Disconnected?

   "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How…


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The Harvest America crusade 8/26



If you are busy and want to watch later, go to this link.



If you want to watch it live, or…


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We need your help!

We need YOU to help expand and grow Lightside Games, Facebook's premier exclusively Christian game publisher. We're looking for a Jr. Level Designer with either 1-3 years industry experience or formal Game Developer schooling. The specs:

About Us:

• Lightside Games is a social gaming company located in Mountain View. We have launched the first successful biblically-based games The Journey of Moses and The Journey of Jesus on…


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Videos! Videos! Videos!

We want to get more Christian games represented in our Videos section over at Family Friendly Gaming. So please send me the links as to where we can download videos for your games.  We upload them to Youtube on our channel, and then create pages on our site with the embedded code.

Thanks and God bless,

Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming
pbury at

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Soldiers of God

Soldiers of God

In the game each player travels around a variety of locations fighting demons, zombies, monsters, etc. Each player is equipped with basic armor to defend themselves. Players can increase the strength of their armor by learning and memorizing scripture and for each accomplished level. A player may also utilize the assistance of two important biblical characters for each playing level. The biblical character can provide strategies, advice, or use their strength and…


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God's Gifts to the Born Again Believer

God has given me the design for an awesome joystick

. that has three diferent motions

. and three different rotations

. for a total of six activating inputs

. instead of the regular two movements

. (forward + back) and (side to side)

I then added to this arsenal of hand controls

. by adding 4 finger motion sensors

. and a mini joystick to the thumb

. giving you another 6 activating motions

. for a total 12 hand movement sensors…


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Husbandry and a Plea for Change

   Hello everyone. I joined here not that long ago, but I haven't gotten around to doing anything after I signed up until now. I want to introduce myself, what I'm working on, and a concept that might be rehearsed here every time someone joins (though I don't seem to see it much if at all anywhere).


   First of all my name is Joshua Gerrity and I'm working on Husbandry. Husbandry is (generally speaking) a farm-simulation…


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"If you think you love 2 people at once then you dont love either enough."- Micaela Logan

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