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Spotted this article on gamespot about the Call of Abraham Kickstarter Campaign.

CDN's Speedgame 2012

It is that time again - go find out more about this year's Speedgame including developers' blogs!  Consider joining the competition!


Third Episode of Adam's Venture ships - Revelations

In Adam's Venture 3: Revelations, you get to experience a flashback Adam has to earlier events in Oxford, which have set his adventure into motion. Left for dead by the megalomaniac Clairvaux leader in Solomon's collapsing palace, Adam relives his first meeting with Evelyn and their expedition to the small French town of Luz. Templar secrets, powerful corporations and the importance of keeping a promise all fight for attention in his feverish mind. Will he come to his senses in time to save Evelyn and the day? It's up to you in this third installment of the episodic series.  Congrats to Iceberg and Vertigo!


Journey of Moses is 'first Bible-based Facebook Game' from Hexify



So we just caught wind of a new game that appears on Facebook called Journey of Moses.

The social game is in the social game genre that has been so popular in the last couple years and after playing it for a while I'm pretty darn impressed. The art is cute in the same vein popularized by Zynga and the story looks to be a faithful retelling of the Life-and-Times of one of the Bible's biggest heroes.

The game starts off with a short cut scene showing Moses in the basket and Pharoh's daughter pulling the basket from the Nile. Next thing you know young Moses is scrambling through his room looking for his royal uniform because 'Grandpa' has summoned him for a special mission - find out why those lazy slaves are causing delays!

The shop responsible is Hexify based in the Bay Area. That's a new name to our ears and only lends credence to the notion that there are a lot more Christian developers out there that we just haven't met yet...we'll reach out and see if we can't get an interview or something.

Meaningful Gameplay Game Jam: Creating Gameplay With More Meaning. August 12-14


The first game jam has been organized for August 12-14, thanks to the openness of a club called Iowa Game-Dev Friendship. The goal of this game jam is to explore meaningful gameplay through developing several prototypes of a mechanic or other game element and then critically analyze the prototypes and share the result.

In addition to being hosted on-site at BitMethod in Des Moines, Iowa, USA; it will also be hosted online. I’m still working out the details, but it will most likely involve setting up a UStream and/or video conference. Will Canada has a post about the game jam on his site, too. Spread the word!... Read More >>


Kotaku.comChristian Game Developers Want to Leave Bad Games Behind

Heading north on Interstate 5 toward Newberg, Ore. last week, I wasn't sure what exactly I'd encounter at Christian Game Developers Conference 2011. Would it have a show floor? Would they be showcasing new games? Would there be a Kinect-enabled Bible study game with 1:1 praying-hands control? Is a third sequel to the Left Behindseries this community's Half-Life 2: Episode 3, and would we finally see a trailer for it?

Of course, I saw none of that. I had underestimated what "Christian Game Developers" really means. And what they do... Read more >>

Comment by james on December 28, 2011 at 6:16pm

i have an idea for christian game, but i would like it to be on the level  darksiders or uncharted follow the bible type. exp; show someone like samson's life. fight game, folow and teach and show what the word really taught. 

Comment by Bob Shoemaker on January 9, 2012 at 8:16pm

i have not been able to keep track on what is happening with members here in CDGC. if anyone is building a Christ centered RPG and would like testers or help in some way, please write me thru CDGC. it's been a while since i did any beta testing but i would really like to get involved with other Christian gamers again. also, i am a minister of the Gospel and would like to offer my services as such here too. May GOD bless you all.

Comment by Joseph Lynch on June 1, 2012 at 4:33pm

I was given an amazing idea for this next generation joystick

this was way back in 88, when I first became born again (+24 years)

then in the early 2000's He showed me a virtual reality games room (+10 years)

I wanted to show you guys these items,

in hope that someone could find a way to either build prototypes

or send it to major manufacturers, to get these out to market fast

maybe even helping fulfil our commision

before the doors of Mathew 24:33 close

before the year 2020


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