Did I see Christ in a non-Christian game?


Did I see Christ in a non-Christian game?

Looking for inspiration is the key, to innovation that makes a difference. Where have you seen Christ already, in the world of gaming?

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Comment by Christopher Jenyns on July 15, 2012 at 1:48am

I suppose if you wanted to be systematic about it (come on, programmers do) you could create a form for detailing the pros and cons of games that hinted at Christ... I only thought of that just now.

But of course, the best way to see for yourself (if you can withstand a world of evil temptation) is let God point out those games He can use to point out His Son!

Actually, I used to rack my brain over this: can I really justify saying I have wisdom and playing a game with magic in it? Superficially, I had to say no and since the depth of my interest in the games was never more than superficial anyway, that about killed it for me. To this day "Oblivion" sits unfinished on my desk.

As a matter of fact, I would say any game with magic has been THE hardest for me to see Christ in. As in, I really never made the connection at all, until now. I suppose in a twisted kind of way, His acceptance covers the use of evil arts in the pursuit a righteous cause, but just barely. Much wiser to pick your battles in way that you win and remembering winning _with_ the Lord, not without Him.


Sadly the mass of the human imagination is not likely to turn gravity around any time soon.... short of prayer.

Comment by Christopher Jenyns on September 11, 2012 at 4:58am

Another game, in which I have seen Christ, is the game Burnout. Burnout reveals Christ, by presenting a car racing challenge, in which the obstacles, no matter how many times you play the game, all move in exactly the same time-moments. So no matter how many times you play the game, when you hit the corner next to the bridge at 3:00 you will see a truck come around the corner.

Actually this does not make for a boring game: it creates an opportunity to meditate on the nature of time, and thus the Lord.

You might think that is a bit of a long stretch, but if you are there at 3:02, the truck hits you, if you are there at 2:58 you can cut the corner. God does not condemn you for turning up at 3:02, but He is pleased, when you manage to shave 4 seconds off your time. He doesn't immediately rush to you and say "Well done" but when you have rested and are pleased with opportunity to take advantage of Christ's consistency, revealing time to you the same way each time, God is pleased and He lets you know.

I played for literally hours. There is of course, no real way to remember where you will be at each given point in time, you might make a mistake here, or save time there, or just keep pace. The point is you are focussed on something the Lord is giving you, and the Lord is not taking it away: an important lesson.

This gives you the opportunity to win. Moreover, having won, you realize that it is a victory you deserve, particularly because you have not begrudged the Lord praise, for His work. In time, you do tire of the tracks and it was not possible to ask that the timing of the track be changed (there were different tracks) - but somewhere in my heart, my mind is racing around track, with a truck God places at 3:00 and a revved up muscle car that Christ has revealed takes turns nicely at around 180mph. Only the Holy Spirit can tell you, if I will ever stop playing that track, once I get to Heaven...

Comment by Christopher Jenyns on October 29, 2012 at 6:11pm

Another game I have seen Christ in, was simply a game I will call for the sake of this message "Barbarian", it was like the first game I ever stole, with the help of the kid across the road (you just magnetized a copy onto a disk and put it into your computer... ewww dirty!)

Now you are thinking "how do you see Christ in game that you have stolen?" EXACTLY! It is very hard. Naturally, I did not realize Christ was there, until I later repented. But sure enough, when I think back on the character that you control in the game, I see the stoicness of Christ. As if he knew that I was robbing him, but that he couldn't stop the game I was cheating him by and would soon forget.

Christ doesn't want you to forget the game you are playing, even if you have stolen it!

So there He was, a musclebound, sword wielding, hero against the tides of Darkness, I controlled him out of a desire to explore (I was timid stealing my first game, not gung-ho) after a little while of jumping him through gaps and walking him along catacomb floors, thrusting his sword at enemies, I basically decided I didn't really see the point.

Thus began an addiction that the Lord would just barely rescue me from: the addiction to simply play the best of whatever was next. How sad!

Now that I realize He was there, I can only move on, move away from violence and hope that I see Him, when He is there in future... that the oil in my lamp will be able to burn, so to speak, for the Return of the Lord.

It will be hard for Him, to get me to forget those first few images of the game I saw, colour and action and power, but perhaps at least admitting my failure will help people to move constructively on, so that whoever is in the limelight, the Light of Christ will shine...


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