Pazzam Studios. Pazzam Studios is being launched to create and monetize social games of a fun and whimsical nature.  One of our goals is to have "A-List Talent" mentoring students and rookies. We have assembled a leadership team including Grammy Nominated/ Dove Award Winning Sam Noerr as our Creative Visual Director. 


Our Producer is an experienced Project Manager who has a successful track record with Integrity Media. 

We are recruiting a team for a new social HTML 5 Game, to be launched initially on Facebook, then on mobile devices and/or other social platforms.

The team will be compensated using a Shared Risk/Shared Reward Model.    If the project launches, all team members will be paid a reasonable advance against future game royalties. The work will be remote. Each team member would be expected to have his/her own computer, a high speed internet connection, a web cam. There would be regular (probably daily) short (< 15 minutes) meetings with the producer via Google+ Hangout. Other than the regular meetings, which we'll schedule at what's best for the team, the hours are flexible.

Below is a summary of the positions we still need to fill:

* 1-2  Simulation Programmers – Skills Needed:

  • JavaScript, (Maybe some PHP, C++)
  • Computer Science:  Focus on AI and Some Physics. Need to understand:
  • Finite State Machines
  • Rule Based AI
  • Flocking Simulation
  • Pursuit and Evasion
  • Path Finding
  • AIML (Optional)

* 2 - 3 UI Developers – Skills Needed

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax (Maybe some PHP, C++)
  •  Decent Art Skills with GIMP for touch up
  •  Ability to use following Tools:
  •  Tiled Map Editor
  •  GIMP
  •  Blender (Build simple models, apply texture maps, render)


There MAY be one or two senior technical positions open as well.


If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me through this group.

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I am interested in this oportunity, can u tell me more about it? 

My main skill is C/C++ but I also have good PHP and basic Javascript knowledge. 


Hi Viorel!  The project did not fund.  So, we won't be hiring anybody any time soon.  We are exploring additional opportunities.  I will let you know when we have more. Thanks for your reply!


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