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We are still working with the venue for 2015 dates.  It "should" be in July and we have proposed 23-25th, but don't book any flights yet until we get solid dates.  Be praying for God to be preparing hearts.

The Lord provided a terrific conference this year.  Look at the Program Guide for some details.  If you couldn't make it and want a shirt and more, contact Tim.  

Folks come as far away as Hawaii, Boston and North Carolina, and a small country named Nigeria!  Plus Korea and Japan.

Interested in volunteering for this year's CGDC?  Please fill out this form.

Thanks to Dan - we have some general business cards to help spread the word about CGDC.  Contact Us if you can give some out.  

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CGDC 2014 was July 24-26 - at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you God for a great time.


Some of the 2013 sessions were captured by Ben - they are online at YouTube.

These are the videos from the Gospel & Gaming summit that Jacob Toman hosted in St. Louis, September 2013:


Session 1:  Is Gaming a thing the church should be concerned about?


Session 2: Gaming in Community


Session 3: Gaming & Eldership


Session 4: What Gospel & Gaming does


Session 5: Q&A for two audience questions



2013 Group Picture

It was great to see so many news faces and returning ones!

Thank you Lord for a great year!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

CGDC 2013 was July 11-13 at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. 

Folks attended from California, Canada, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Iowa, Florida and Australia (via U.K.)!  Plus GameChurch had a strong presence!

Be sure to check all the sub-pages under the 2013 Conference menu as they have been updated.



Our 2012 group picture only missed about a dozen attendees.


It goes by fast!  2012 is history!  You were challenged to ship a title this year - go for it!

2012 brought many new faces a record 7 Canadians!  And about a dozen ladies!

The Program Guide is available to members - click here.


See the sub-pages under the 2012 Conference menu for more information.


CDN's Speedgame 2012

It is that time again - go find out more about this year's Speedgame including developers' blogs!  Consider joining the competition!



Thanks to our helpers!  Sherol is coordinating volunteers, Charlie is covering logistics, Dan is crafting the printed program, etc.


Dates are set for 2012 conference - so mark them on your calendar now and start asking off of work. July 19-21, 2012, at Campus of Cascade College in Portland, Oregon.

More details will be published when available.  Of utmost importance, be in prayer about your attendance, His blessing of believers, encouragement for developers, and for the developers making Christian-themed and Bible-based Games.

Explore the CGDC site for new updates including photos from the 2011 conference, (videos coming soon), surveys, information on the art show, and more! 



CGDC seeks to connect, encourage, and feed Christians working in the gaming industry. You may not have noticed but gaming is now the primary cultural mediumfor Americans under the age of about 40...

  • 67% of American households play video games.
  • The average gamer age is 34. 26% are over 50.
  • More people play video games than watch movies or read books.

Gaming is where culture is being transmitted today. It is where the True Stories are being told. It is where our men and women learn about courage, sacrifice, loyalty...or not. Like any niche in our world this is an industry that needs to see genuine reflections of Christ's love, God's wisdom, and the Spirit's power to effect real soul-healing change in our lives.

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Christian Game Developers Conference. 

This year's conference was held at George Fox University July 7-9, 2011. Located in the Pacific Northwest just outside Portland in beautiful sunny Newberg, Oregon. Speakers included Os Hillman, Gary Barkalow, Lance Priebe, and Jeff Gerke. A live worship set was performed by Barlow Girl.

We had a great time! View photos from our 2011 conference at our Flickr site.

We have already begun the process of planning for next year's conference. Keep an eye out for new information as it comes out! If you would like to stay current, sign up to receive a quarterly annual CGDC Newsletter.

For other ways to get involved, browse our site - there are groups, ways to give and much, much more!

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"Adventure Creator: implements a save and load system, navigation (Touch, Console, PC controls), variable system (both global and local), UI System, Inventory System, as well as an extensive Action Script system all available without the need for…"
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"Is anyone here be interested in joining a team of 5? We're a group of artists, musicians, and game designers. While one of us on the team has experience writing code for Unity we could really use another dedicated programmer with scripting…"
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A group where developers who are using Unity 3D as their prefered framework. Ask or answer questions, review assets from the game store, post your Unity projects...See More
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"By the way Lauren and John I'm impressed by your online portfolios. Would love to hear from either of you."
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""M.D. I completely agree with you, and I'd love to be a part of that revolution more than anything." - Lauren Hodges I have good news for you, the revolution is already underway. My team and I are already answering this call from…"
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Is it just me?

I just want to be honest, but the games I’ve seen out there developed by Christians (which I had to search for)… :/ lets face it… they just aren’t good. Is it just me, or are Christian games going about it all wrong? I’d really like to be a part of a group that wants to create an industry standard game (Assassin’s Creed Worthy) that doesn’t “preach” to it’s audience. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of the most amazing creations with christian themes and symbols. It tells a…See More
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"I obviously cannot speak for all Christian players, and I'm not trying to. In all honesty, Wisdom Tree as a serious game developer is a bit laughable to many non-Christian gamers. As hard as that may be to hear, it's the truth. There is a…"
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INGOR commented on INGOR's group the engine
INGOR commented on INGOR's group the engine
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"Let's all continue to pray for God's blessings on the projects that He wants done. Past demand has shown with over 1 million units of Wisdom Tree games being sold.   Perhaps a better measurement is - was one soul touched for Christ? "
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"M.D. I completely agree with you, and I'd love to be a part of that revolution more than anything. I think the difficult part from this point is forming the group itself and working together. We'd need a passionate leader for this with a…"
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Tim Emmerich commented on Lauren Hodges's group Is it just me?
"Interesting M.D. - most folks don't mind learning, especially in what they interpret as a fun environment. There is demand for games that overtly teach the Bible.  And I agree that folks would enjoy games that teach Bible concepts covertly…"

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